In today’s Teensavers Home Drug Test Daily 7 Panel, we have stories from all across the country including New Hampshire snuffing out a proposed marijuana decriminalization bill and officers working one case, stumble onto high school cocaine sales.

We publish these headlines every day, Monday through Friday so parents not only get a glimpse of what is going on in their communities, but can see major drug trends globally that can one day infiltrate our neighborhoods.

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Remember, all these drugs listed below are screened in the Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit 7-panel.


Pot brownie sickens kids at Southern California elementary school.

New Hampshire marijuana legalization bill goes up in smoke.

One author warns people not to count on an agreeable federal government when it comes to marijuana laws.


Texas officers seize $300K in cocaine that may have been smuggled in via Mexico.

Alert officers discover high school cocaine drug dealing while working another case.

Mom claims to have seen gym teacher using cocaine before class.


Pairing could lead to more saved lives from meth.

125 people hauled in in a two-state drug sweep in Arkansas and Missouri.


There’s no such thing as healthy heroin, but tainted heroin has killed at least one and sickened others in New Mexico.

He’s accused of dealing the deadly dose of heroin to another person in a hotel.   Now he’s facing murder charges.

An injury related accident led one teen towards a dark path to his death with heroin.  Now his mom is educating families.


Northern California man busted, accused of stealing 10,000 pills in Palo Alto.

Among the disturbing drug trends in Westchester County, NY is the Oxycontin use.


Suspected ecstasy dealer nabbed in Georgia.



Remember, all of these above drugs are screened by the Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit.

This test was put together based on treatment trends.

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