It’s time for today’s Teensavers Home Drug Test Daily 7 Panel.

The hot issues today, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg relaxing the penalties on pot in the big apple, and a bust Ponch and John would be proud of in Bakersfield!

We publish these headlines every day, Monday through Friday so parents not only get a glimpse of what is going on in their communities, but can see major drug trends globally that can one day infiltrate our neighborhoods.

Teensavers is your source for drug new and home drug testing answers.   If you aren’t familiar with the Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit, we encourage you to visit the Teensavers website at

Remember, all these drugs listed below are screened in the Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit 7-panel.


A loosening of laws when it comes to marijuana in Manhattan.   Mayor Bloomberg makes a change in pot prosecution.

New Hampshire has four different ways to change the pot laws in the state.    What will be the outcome?

Former Santa Fe, NM sausage plant now stuffed with pot!


Maine woman learns that even being in a relationship with an accused drug dealer could be costly.

Bakersfield bust: 8 lbs of cocaine and 6 lbs of heroin recovered following a CHP stop.


Suspected North Carolina meth dealer off the streets, after buy with undercover officers.

South Carolina mother facing charges after newborn tests positive for methamphetamine.


Cleveland mother arrested for second time in a week with heroin.

Two Oregon men die within days after overdosing on heroin.


Albuquerque busts.   21 caught up in forged Oxy prescriptions.

ER doctor accused of having a drug and alcohol addiction, which may have included stealing another doctor’s prescriptions.


Sadly, the after effects of using ecstasy can kill you too.


Six months in jail for mother convicted of giving infant Xanax.

Remember, all of these above drugs are screened by the Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit.

This test was put together based on treatment trends.

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