In today’s Teensavers Home Drug Test Daily 7 Panel more drug headlines surrounding the most abused drugs by teens and young adults.   It doesn’t take much to develop an addictive behavior.

If you know someone who might be abusing drugs, do not guess, take action.   The Teensavers 7-panel drug test is the most comprehensive drug test for families.

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Remember, all these drugs listed below are screened in the Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit 7-panel.


Paying the price for profiting off of pot.   One man faces 15 to life and now sees how his business venture could take his life up in puff of smoke.

Four million dollar marijuana bust in Nevada.   Small community, but big drug busts are nothing new.  It’s the third such house growing operation busted by the Southern Nevada task force.



What happens in Vegas ends up in a million dollar fine for the Palms Resort when it comes to cocaine and prostitutes.


That was going to be some trip in Mississippi.   Drug dogs find pounds of meth on a tour bus in a piece of unmarked luggage.


Pitt county authorities in Raleigh discover heroin.    The suspect won’t be getting out of jail soon unless he has the $5 million bond to post.

Heavy metal guitarist opens up about painkiller addiction.



Pain clinic operator behind bars for overprescribing Oxycodone to people.


Have you seen Molly?


Anti-anxiety?   What works and what doesn’t?   One therapist weighs in.

Remember, all of these above drugs are screened by the Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit.

This test was put together based on treatment trends.

We invite you to take a tour of the Teensavers site, and take a look at our interactive 360-degree tour of the Teensavers kit and its contents.

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